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Clicgear has been considered to be among the top four companies in terms of golfing equipment and other products. It is a Hong Kong-based company that designs all their products along with manufacturing and distributing them. It ensures to offer high-quality items along with being highly innovative.

Their products are sold all over through its vast distribution network. In case you wish to know more about Clicgear golf push carts, then this article will help you with important information regarding different models being manufactured by Clicgear.

Best 4 Clicgear Golf Push Carts Comparison Chart

Top 4 Clicgear Golf Push Carts

Clicgear manufactures a range of Golf carts, in order to choose the best push cart that suits your needs the most, read the reviews about the top five golf push carts by Clicgear.


Clicgear 3.5 Golf Push Cart

Clicgear 3.5 Golf Pull CartIt can be proudly claimed as one of the most technically advanced product by ClicGear. Features that make this product stand out in the league includes:

Aircraft Grade Aluminium Frame makes it extremely light weight at just 18 Lbs and its creative design make it fold down to a compact size of 15”X13”X23”.

Large Console makes provision for ball holder, Scorecard holder, pencil holder, tee holder and your golf gloves too.

Lock Handbrake is situated near the handle which acts at the lifting of the brake lever. It can be used as a Parking Brake as well.

Maintenance Free Airless Wheels is a highlight feature, also the front wheel alignment feature to help one move the cart on the course without having to control it from manoeuvring around.

The Pros:

The pros of using this particular product are many. The below-mentioned points will help in understanding:

  • Color Options: This model comes in as many as 8 color options and provide a good choice for the golfers to match them with their golf bag.
  • No. of Holders on the cart is very useful provision for golfers who spend a lot of time playing golf.

The Cons:

This particular cart can actually tend to be a bit costly compared to many.


Clicgear 8.0 Golf Push Cart

Clicgear 8.0 Cart

Clicgear 8.0 Golf Push Cart is one of the best golf carts available in the market and online as well. It has a 5 Star rating on Amazon. Its very best features are list as below.

The Dual Front Wheel Brakes is an exceptional feature rarely found among other golf carts. It functions with an easy lift of the lever provided at the handle of the cart. Step Guard helps to keep the cart static while opening or closing.

Adjustable Bag Straps & Saddle to keep the golf bag from a swaying around while on the move, this is a potential pain area for the golfers as continuous

Patented Frame Design enable the cart to move freely even when closed.

Easy To Open And Close feature is the USP of this product. It is extremely hassle free, and shrinks to a compact size making it easy to store too.

The Pros:

If one uses this product then they will know that the advantages of using this are many:

  • The Aluminium Tubing helps the product in lot many ways. One needs to know that the tubing is the same as used in the aircraft.
  • The Various Accessory Mounts helps to easily store any and everything. There are almost 6 accessory mounts available.

The Cons:

One can hardly come across with any kind of flaws in this product.


Clicgear Rovic RV1C Push Cart

Clicgear Rovic RV1C Push Cart

Clicgear RV1C Rovic is a stylish, sleek and compact golf push cart. It is a lightweight product weighing just 10 pounds. The dimensions of the product are just 13 x 10 x 24 inches. It comes in great design and multiple colour choice options. This product is extremely modern in its approach and definitely a kind of buy that everyone would like to spend on. Its main features are as:

Front Wheel Alignment feature helps in easy alignment of the cart. This product helps in supporting the back as the front wheel alignment is the one feature that helps one from bending.

Easy To Use Hand Break can be used by anyone. This is again another feature that saves the body from any form of bending at all.

Streamlined Light Weight Frame with extremely robust and resilient parts.

Easy Fold feature which is present in almost many of the products of the same type but with this product the folding is just hassle free.

The Pros:

Clicgear gives 3 Year Warranty on the frame and 1 Year warranty on the rest of the parts.

Also, the cart can be extremely easily expanded, and a lot of important storing in it can be done with full confidence.

The Cons:

This model, in particular, can be a bit small for some people who needs a lot of storing to be taken care of.


Clicgear Rovic RV3J – Junior Golf Push Cart

ClicgearRovic RV3J – Junior Golf Push Cart

This is another spectacular product by Clicgear. The cart is exclusively designed so that there wouldn’t be a problem for the little ones to handle this. The very exceptional features of the cart make it way different than most of the products.

Exceptional Design, that allows the golf bag to stay on the cart itself even when the Cart is folded. This feature itself is a unique feature which hardly comes in any of the other golf carts available in the market.

Hand Break that helps to manage the cart in the best possible way. It helps the cart to come to an immediate halt when pressed. One do not need to do ant extra hassle for this.

Lightweight Design of the product has a weight of just 10 pounds. One can easily move it to any desired place without any problem to them.

The Pros:

The products meant for kids should have their own set of advantages, and thus, this particular product makes sure that each and every demand of a child is met.

  • Different Colours, the product has a choice of multiple colour options. Thus also helps the Golfer to feel great about the product.
  • Easy Movement, it is extremely compulsory for one to move the golf cart.

The Cons:

There are no such cons to the product to mention. click here to find top push golf carts.


The Clicgear products are definitely one of the best of the kind. These products make the best use of the technology and the modernity. One can expect nothing but the great class of products from the company. There are many options of push carts or electronic carts and the basic golf accessories in the company. This company can make sure that the products are produced with a class that can be redone by none. Also, the price range at which the products are offered is incomparable. One must remember that the company makes sure that the products keep upgrading with the demands of the new generation.

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