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So are you on your way to learn golf? Then you have landed up on just the right spot where I’m gonna get you through the technicalities of Golf, the entire range of golf equipment used on the course. Forget about all the stuff available on the internet which is abundant in content and tell you very little about the stuff you are looking online to learn how to play golf and how to choose just about right equipment and gadgets used in the game of Golf.

There are numerous websites and guides available online, the biggest source of information today, but none of them explain but treat you as a professional. So here’s a guide which is for the budding Golfers who wish to understand the game of Golf right from the scratch. Don’t worry if you do not understand the terminologies of the Game, the equipment used in the game, the technicalities of the game from a learner’s perspective, the etiquette of the game and all the things you find it hard to understand from the existing sources available to you.

Further I’ll guide you through with expert guidance for choosing the best equipment and the gadgets used in the game. Each and every equipment required for Golf need to be carefully chosen according to the player and different playing conditions. You can find very handy tips about choosing Golf Clubs, rangefinders other equipment. You’ll be provided all the information and the comparison in a tabular form just to make the chose the best in the business.


The foremost thing everyone must know before entering into anything is to know about the field that you are going to play on. The Golf Course is usually a 18 Hole playground but can also be 9 holes in certain cases where in the players can cover Golf Course twice to complete the Game. The golfer is required set off from the teeing ground putting the ball into these holes one by one to complete the game. The player who completes the game in the minimum shots is the winner. There is no limitation to take the number of shots as such to complete the game. But the lesser the shots the better it is .The Layout of the layout of the Golf Course is as mentioned in the illustration here.


A typical Golf Course

As shown in the Picture, a golf course usually consists of the Following areas

  1. Tee Ground: This is the area from where the game sets off.   The players are required to take the Stroke from the Teeing Area. The club used to hit the Golf Ball from the Teeing Area is called Golf Driver. The player is required to hit the ball strong enough to land the ball nearest to the first hole.

2. Water Hazard: Water bodies are also a part of the Golf Courses around the Globe these days just to make the game more challenging for the Golfers. So water hazards are added to the Course by design. If a ball drops in the Water Hazard there are certain conditions with which a player can continue the game with penalty from outside the Water body or can chose to play within the water hazard itself. The player can also choose to start all over again from the Teeing Ground.

3.Rough: The Area which is around the Golf Course but still part of the course. As the name suggests, it’s not the usual course and can’t be played on easily. Like water hazards, these areas just add the challenge quotient of the Game. The Grass in this area is cut higher than the rest of the Golf Course.

4. Out Of Bounds: Just in case the Ball goes out of bounds, means, the ball is lost outside the water bodies or just go out of the boundary not to be found, you can continue the game with a penalty of one stroke from the place last shot was played with a provisional ball. Five minutes are allowed to find the ball, if you can’t you can continue with the provisional ball.

5. Sand Bunker: Again it’s another form of hazard and the most difficult in the Game. Usually there are pits in course filled up with sand, from where it’s the most difficult to hit the ball to the desired location and requires high degree of expertise.

6. Fairway: When a player takes a shot from the Teeing Ground, the stress is to land the ball in the Putting Green, the area between the Green and Teeing round is referred as Fairway. Other than the Green, the Fairway is the most advantageous area to land the ball, as the Grass is cut even as compared to the rough and our of bound areas but is still cut higher  than the Green Area.

7. Putting Green: This is the dream area for any Golfer to land the ball directly from the Teeing Ground. As the Grass is cut low and even making it easy to the take the shot and judge the direction of the ball towards the Hole. Often the hole is in direct line from the Teeing ground but in many cases, the it may bend leftwards, earning the name left dogleg, and right dogleg for otherwise. If it bends twice it is referred as double dogleg.

8. Hole: This is the final destination of the Ball and the Game. But depends if the game is a 9 Hole Game or an 18 Hole Game.


Hope you must have had a fair bit of an idea about the Golf Course by now. Moving on, the next step, one need to have a Golf Club Set which is a get of different Golf Clubs required to play the game. Unlike other games, the golfers use different golf clubs to take different shots. I shall explain everything in details about the different Golf Clubs and the shots for which they are used in the next section. one can also learn more about different kind of golf clubs and golf irons in this blog. You may learn about the basics to choose the golf irons on the best beginner golf clubs page. The basics golf clubs present in any golfer’s Golf Club Sets are as explained:

  1. Drivers
  2. Fairway Woods or Hybrids
  3. Golf Irons
  4. Golf Putters


Well, Golf push cart is one of the important equipment for the Golfers but as such its not the one without which a golfer could not do. These carts are basically used for transporting your Golf Clubs Sets and other belongings of the golfers along with through the Golf Course. The golf courses are too big to travel and if you have to travel with your Golf Bag on your shoulder it can be a real pain. Traditionally the caddies used to carry the Golf Bags but if you can’t afford one, then owning Golf Push Cart can be a boon for you and your game. They come in different styles and price range varies as per you wishlist in the cart. Check out some of the best Golf Cart Reviews to buy one online.


Its an technological advancement in the field of Golf used to judge the difference of the golfer from a point on the golf course like a Pole or flag. Though at some professional events the golfers are prohibited to use the golf range finders but for the golfers who play for fun and amusement, it can prove out to be a real help at the golf field. Its always advisable to read rangefinder reviews online before buying one. Basically the golf rangefinders come in two technologies;

  1. Golf Laser Rangefinders
  2. Golf PS Rangefinders


Just like golf range finders, the golf swing analyzers are yet another technological marvel to have amazed the golf lovers. Mastering the golf swing is the most difficult and arguably the most important aspect of the game of golf, but there have hardly been any sort of training aid earlier to help the golfers get their golf swing right other than practice. Here is this one invention which has helped the golfers get the real time feedback of their swing and the minute details about the errors they make while taking the shot. Swing analyzers helps to compare the swings with the professional golfers and make the golfers learn a lot. You can keep the data and fetch it as and when required to check the improvement. It requires the golfers to attach a small device on their golf glove, club shaft or club grip which is further sync to the smartphone to capture all the data. It being a costly device, it should be a good practice to look out for a reasonable source online for golf swing analyzer reviews before buying one.


Golf Bags are yet another important equipment used by Golfers to carry their equipment on to the Golf course. There is a range of golf bags used by the players for storage as per their needs which basically can be categorized in four types i.e. Golf Stand Bags, Golf Travel Bags, Golf Carry bags and Golf Tour Bags. Professional golfers prefer golf tour bags where as the occasional golfers would prefer Golf Carry Bags or Golf stand bags. Whatever the need be, each golfer requires the best golf bags to carry their precious belongings.




Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Club Set”

  • Driver, 3W, 5W: Woods gives you a large sweet spot and more forgiveness to bomb it off the tee or fairway. (3 clubs & 3 headcovers)

  • Hybrids (4H,5H): Great alternatives to long irons so you can play with more confidence on a variety of shots. (2 clubs & 2 headcovers)

  • Irons/Wedges (6-PW,SW):High flight technology delivers distance, forgiveness and control from stainless steel irons. (6 clubs)

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Why CCTV Cameras are Essential for Every Business Owner

Why CCTV Cameras are Essential for Every Business Owner


The convenience of CCTV Camera is that they are easy to install and use. They are also affordable, with many models available at a price that won’t break your budget. CCTV cameras have become more popular in recent years because they help to increase security and monitor employee performance as well as decrease shoplifting.

Help to increase security

CCTV cameras are essential for business security. In fact, they can be used to help deter crime, catch criminals and monitor employee performance. They also help decrease shoplifting by providing an additional layer of protection against theft. Additionally, CCTV cameras have been shown to safeguard data and assets from being stolen or misplaced by employees who may be distracted during their shift duty at the time of an incident.

Help in monitoring employee performance

Having CCTV cameras installed in your business can help you monitor employee performance. This is because they will be able to see what the employees are doing and how they are performing. This way, you will be able to fire employees who do not meet the standards of work or reward those who perform well with an award or bonus. Furthermore, it is also possible for employees to be trained on how their work should be done in order for them to improve their performance levels overall.

Help in decreasing shoplifting

CCTV cameras are essential in decreasing shoplifting. The use of CCTV cameras helps to monitor the area and also ensure that no unauthorized person enters into your store. This can be done by installing a camera inside the store, as well as outside at the shop door.

CCTV surveillance will help you identify people who might be stealing from your business and then apprehend them before they leave with any stolen goods. This way, you can prevent losses caused by shoplifting or other similar crimes like theft or robbery!

Help to safeguard data and assets

The best way to protect data is by using a CCTV camera. It will help you keep an eye on your employees, who are the ones who could steal your data or assets. The main reason for this is because it’s very easy for people to access information about what you do in business and how much money you make. This means that if someone wanted to get into your company, they would need only a few minutes before leaving with all their secrets at hand!

Another benefit of having CCTV cameras around is that they can be used as evidence if something were ever brought against any member of staff (even if it wasn’t intentional). This way there won’t be any questions asked about why certain things happened like when someone stole something from another employee’s desk drawer while they weren’t looking; instead there’ll just be proof that it did happen so no one gets fired over nothing – which means less stress overall

Save money on insurance premiums

CCTV cameras can help you to save money on insurance premiums. Cameras are used to identify the cause of fire or theft, any damage and criminal activity. They also provide a visual record of employee misconduct so that you can take action against them in case there is any wrongdoing in your business premises. Check the more pros and cons of CCTV Camera at

Helps to catch criminals instantly

CCTV cameras are essential for every business owner. They help to catch criminals instantly and decrease crime rate by providing evidence against them. They also increase security, which is crucial for protecting employees and customers from harm.

CCTV cameras can be used to monitor the performance of employees, safeguard data and assets, reduce shoplifting incidents and much more!

CCTV Cameras are essential for every business owner, as they help to increase security, monitor employees’ performance, cut down shoplifting and minimize insurance costs.

CCTV Cameras are essential for every business owner, as they help to increase security, monitor employees’ performance, cut down shoplifting and minimize insurance costs.

CCTV cameras can be used to monitor the following:

  • Employees’ behavior in the workplace. If an employee is acting suspiciously or if there are any signs of criminal activity taking place at your business premises, then you can use CCTV cameras to keep an eye on them. This way you’ll know when something goes wrong and what needs to be done about it before anything happens (and not after).
  • Shoplifting prevention strategies – One way of deterring shoplifters from stealing products from stores is by installing CCTV cameras that capture footage of their activities during theft attempts so that their identities can be tracked down later on by law enforcement agencies like police officers or even retail staff members who work at certain stores across townships throughout America’s cities such as New York City where crime rates tend towards being higher than those found elsewhere due primarily because there’s less money available per person compared with other countries around our planet Earth which means lower salaries paid out when compared against wages paid out here


If you are still not convinced, consider the following: with a good CCTV system in place, you can track down and prosecute criminals. This will help protect your business from theft and other crimes. Shop CCTV Camera Online through

What You Need To Know About Public Transportation

What You Need To Know About Public Transportation

What You Need To Know About Public Transportation

Tourist Bus in Bangladesh and all over Bangladesh is a very important part of our daily life. We use the buses, trains and rickshaws to go to work or school, visit friends and relatives, buy groceries at the market or simply go out for dinner with friends. However, it may be hard to find reliable transportation services in Dhaka due to its large population size and limited vehicle fleet. Our company offers reliable pick-up service from anywhere in Dhaka city including airport terminals and hotels for both business travelers as well as tourists visiting this country for tourism purpose only

Airport Pick-Up Service

If you are planning to visit Bangladesh, there are many things that you will want to do. One of these is to get from the airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh to your hotel or residence. With our public transportation service, we can help make this process easier for you and save time. We offer a variety of pick-up and drop-off locations throughout Dhaka so that no matter where you live within the city limits, we can get there for you!

We also provide car rental services for those who prefer not having their own vehicle while visiting Bangladesh. This means less stress on getting around town and more time spent enjoying yourself!

Dhaka to anywhere.

Dhaka to anywhere.

We can pick you up from any location in Dhaka, whether it be your hotel or home. If you’re flying out of the country and need a ride to the airport, we will take care of that too!

One way transfer.

One way transfer.

We can provide you with a one way transfer from Dhaka to any destination in Bangladesh. We will pick you up from your hotel, or the airport and take you where ever it is that you want to go.

City tour.

If you’re looking for a way to see the major sights of your city, a city tour might be for you. City tours can be done by car, bus or rickshaw (a motorized two-wheeled vehicle).

City tours are great if you want to explore your destination on foot and learn about its history as well as where people live and work. They can also include visits to museums and historical sites—for example, one of our favorite things about visiting New York City is walking through Central Park on a sunny day with friends!

Day tour from hotel.

A day tour from your hotel is a convenient way to get around and see some of the major sights. The following are some of the most popular options:

  • Pick up and drop off at the airport
  • Pick up and drop off at bus station or railway station
  • Pick up and drop off at seaport, if you’re visiting that area of town. This can be done through an organized tour company or directly with them (you’ll need to plan ahead). If you’re looking for more than one passenger, there are many private car services available as well!

Full day sightseeing and city tour.

The full-day sightseeing and city tour is a great way to get to know Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital. You will visit the temples of Hazrat Shahjalal and Quddus along with other historical sites such as Badda Bazaar and Chowringhee Road, which are some of the most popular areas in Dhaka.

The tour will take approximately 2 hours to complete. During your ride through this historic city, you’ll see how people live their lives here by seeing how they commute on bicycles or motorcycles (which are called “rickshaws”). You can also learn about different cultures through our driver’s stories about his experiences living abroad for many years before coming back home again!

Here’s what you can expect from us: * We offer free pick up and drop off at any location within our service area.* Our drivers speak English fluently so there are no language barriers when communicating with them.* We provide all necessary safety equipment (such as helmets) when needed during your ride.* No hidden fees ever – everything we charge will be clearly stated beforehand so there won’t be any surprises later down the road!

Customized tours.

Customized tours are available. We can accommodate your needs and tailor a tour to your specific interests, whether you’re looking for a short trip or an extended stay. We can provide a customized tour at any time of the year, whether it’s summer or winter. And if you’d like to take advantage of our custom-built buses, we’ll even give you one as part of your package!

Package tours.

You can also request a package tour. We offer a wide range of customized packages that are designed to suit your needs and budget, including accommodation, transport and meals. Farazi Transport is the Best Package Tours for All over Bangladesh.

Our packages allow you to enjoy Hong Kong’s best attractions while seeing more of the city than if you were exploring on your own.

By the hour rental service in Dhaka city.

By the hour rental service in Dhaka city.

We are providing a wide range of cars for rent by the hour to our customers. You can book a car from our website and get it delivered at your doorstep or pick up the vehicle at any time of day. We have several models available including sedans, SUVs, vans and even trucks if you need something bigger or more comfortable than what we have on offer here today!

We offer a reliable pick up and drop off service in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh too.

We offer a reliable pick up and drop off service in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh too. We have a large fleet of cars, buses and vans to take you where you need to go. Our drivers are professional, courteous and attentive to your needs. They will always make sure that you reach your destination safely, on time or even before the scheduled time if possible!

We’re also licensed by the government so you can trust us when it comes to safety matters such as insurance coverage for our drivers or vehicles during transit through congested areas such as Dhaka or Chittagong which may cause traffic delays due to accidents caused by reckless driving behaviors among commuters who rush home after work hours have ended but still find themselves stuck due lack of proper infrastructure support such as traffic lights installed at intersections where these types occur regularly throughout this city during peak hours (6 AM – 11 PM). Order Online

If you’re looking for the best way to get around Dhaka, we are here to help. We can offer you a range of transportation services including airport pick up, transfer and day tours. You can also book a car rental if you want your own vehicle or hire one of our private chauffeur driven vehicles. Our team is always happy to answer any questions about our service so feel free contact us today!

Contact us:

Name: Tourist Bus and Minibus Rent in Dhaka, Bangladesh | Farazi Transport
Address: House#2, Road#09, Block#C, Turag, Dhaka 1230
Phone: 01915-734505

Find us:

Pabx Systems For Home, Office Or Warehouse

Pabx Systems For Home, Office Or Warehouse

PABX systems are a great way to save money on your Voice over IP (VoIP) communication needs. They offer cost savings and efficiency improvements over traditional PBX systems, but there are some considerations you need to take into account before making the switch from traditional phone systems to these new technologies.

Home pabx systems

Pabx systems can be used for home, office and warehouse. They can also be used for small businesses and large businesses, as well as for small offices and large offices. The system is designed to work with any type of facility (home, office or warehouse) that has a phone system in place but no PBX unit installed yet.

If you have an existing analog phone system at your business location and would like to add a digital PBX solution without having to buy another whole new telephone system then this could be the ideal solution for your needs!

Unified communications

Unified communications (UC) is a term that refers to the ability to communicate with multiple people or systems at once. This can include email, text messages and phone calls. UC allows you to send and receive information from different locations using one system.

The benefits of using unified communications include:

  • Making it easier for employees who work from home or are on the road in remote locations;
  • Being able to make more efficient use of your time by having one place where all communication happens;
  • It’s easier for clients/customers when they know where their calls are going; -You’ll save money because there are no longer separate billing rates per user group/location.

Office pabx systems

PABX systems are a great way to provide your business with the tools it needs to run efficiently. They can be used in a variety of settings, including small businesses and large corporations alike.

In fact, if you have a large office or warehouse full of employees who need access to phone lines, then pabx systems could be exactly what you’re looking for!

These devices usually allow users from any location within an organization’s network (such as a home office) access their voicemail system through their cell phones. This allows them greater mobility while keeping them connected with each other securely—and if there is ever an emergency situation where everyone needs immediate assistance? You’ll still have access even if it takes place during lunch time at work!

Warehouse pabx systems

Warehouse pabx systems are used to connect people in a warehouse. They can be used to connect employees in different locations, and also with customers, suppliers and other people working at the same location.

PABX systems offer great cost savings and efficiency improvements

PABX systems are cost effective and easy to use. Visit their website to know the  Pabx Price in Bangladesh and nearby countries are cheaper and affordable to get. They provide a wide range of features, such as:

  • Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • Call screening and logging
  • Voice mailboxes for incoming calls and outgoing messages
  • IVR menus for routing calls to extension numbers

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful in understanding the benefits of pabx systems. As we discussed earlier, they are one of the best ways to improve your company’s communication infrastructure while also saving money. You can find a wide variety of options on the market today and even get a free consultation if needed!

How To Secure Your Doors And Windows: Buying Guide

You need to be secure if you want to keep your home safe. When it comes to doors and windows, there are a few things you can do to make sure that they’re locked at all times. Here’s how:

Steps to a Secure Door

  • Install a peephole
  • Install a door chain
  • Install a doorstop
  • Install a door jamb alarm (if applicable)

If you want to be sure that your home is secure and safe, there are several steps you can take to make sure that it stays that way. A good place to start would be installing an alarm system or some sort of monitored security system at the front door of your house. You should also consider installing cameras on all sides of your home: both inside and outside the building itself. These cameras will allow you to see who’s coming into your house when they shouldn’t be there. Access Control Price in Bangladesh are relatively low and very durable compared to other countries products. Click Here for Details Analysis of how Access Control Works.

Entry Door Locks

Entry door locks are the first line of defense for your home, and they’re also the most common type of lock. Entry door locks can be replaced by an installer or DIYer with simple tools, making them a great option for anyone who wants to upgrade their home security system but doesn’t need professional help.

Entry door locks are easy to install because they don’t require any cutting or drilling into walls—they simply slot into place over existing holes in a frame that holds up your doorjamb (the piece between where you put your key in and turn it). You can easily find these kits at hardware stores or online retailers like Amazon and Home Depot; just make sure that if you buy one from another retailer than those two mentioned above then make sure its listed as being compatible with residential doors only!


Deadbolts are a good deterrent, but they can be expensive. You might want to consider installing one as part of your home security system if you have less than $10,000 in assets.

Deadbolts come in many different finishes and sizes, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when shopping for the right lock for your door or windows. They’re also available in both new construction and retrofit installations—which means that even if you already have doors and windows installed by previous owners or contractors, it’s easy enough to swap out deadbolts without replacing any walls!

Handle Sets

A handle set is a set of handles and locks that can be used to secure your doors and windows. The most common type is a lock and key, but there are other options available.

  • Deadbolt: This is the most secure option because it has three points of access to the door: one at the bottom, one on either side, and one at the top. It also uses a deadbolt lock mechanism that prevents anyone from opening it without having both hands on it first (which makes sense because if someone was going to open it with their feet or fists they’d probably just kick through instead).
  • Door chains: These come in two forms: horizontal chains that attach directly under each side of your doorframe; or vertical bars embedded into your wall which extend outwards from above so you could use them as an added layer between yourself and intruders trying to enter through window casings or skylight panels (though this isn’t recommended). Either way though these aren’t necessarily recommended unless absolutely necessary since if something gets lodged against them then either way both sides will be compromised by whatever object happens upon those mechanisms first . . . which means now there’s no protection whatsoever!

Keyless Entry Locks

Keyless entry locks are convenient, but they can also be a real security risk if not properly configured. If you don’t use the right kind of keyless entry locks and programming them properly, your home will be more vulnerable to break-ins than it needs to be.

Keyless entry locks come with several different types of keys:

  • A traditional key (a large metal object) that opens the door and gives access through it; used in combination with a fob device (like a remote control), which allows you to unlock or lock the door from inside your house while still being able to see who’s outside waiting for them.
  • A smart phone app that allows users who don’t want their hands full holding onto one thing at all times during an emergency situation—such as during an earthquake or tornado—to remotely unlock doors from anywhere within range of Wi-Fi signals so long as there isn’t anything blocking signal strength between two points where both devices are connected together via Bluetooth technology.”

Garage Door Openers and Locks

Garage Door Openers and Locks

When it comes to garage doors, you should use a keypad that allows you to enter your garage and close the door with one key. You can also use remote controls or codes in addition to this method.

Secure Your Windows

  • Use a sliding window lock. These locks are easy to install, and can be locked or unlocked with one hand. They’re also inexpensive, so if you have children or pets in the home, this may be the best option for you.
  • Install an alarm on your windows and doors (this will alert you when someone opens them). The alarm itself is usually mounted on the door frame of your window or door, but it can also be placed inside your house as well.
  • Bar all exterior doors with bars made specifically for this purpose; they’ll keep intruders out while still allowing air flow through the openings during warm weather months (since most burglars won’t want anyone overhearing their plans).

Secure Your Patio Doors

  • Secure your patio doors.
  • If you have a broken patio door lock, call a professional to install new locks.
  • If you’re looking for an easy way to keep pets and children safe when they come over, consider installing sliding glass doors on all sides of the home.

You can has secure home.

  • You can have a secure home.
  • If you are looking for ways to make your home more secure and protect it from intruders, then this article is just for you! The topic of securing your doors and windows has been discussed in many other articles on our website but this time we have decided to bring together all the information under one roof so that it could be easily accessed by anyone who wants to know more about making their homes safer.

Now that you have all the information you need to secure your home, it’s time to start making changes. Remember that if you’re feeling overwhelmed, take it one step at a time and don’t be afraid of failure. Once you start implementing these tips and tricks into your life, they will become second nature within a few weeks or months—and you won’t even notice they were there until something unexpected happens!

Best Guide to Buy CCTV Camera for Home and Office in 2022

Best Guide to Buy CCTV Camera for Home and Office in 2022

Home and office security are important parts of our lives. We want to make sure that no one is able to enter our homes or offices without permission, which is why we need CCTV cameras. There are many different types of CCTV cameras available on the market today, so it can be difficult choosing the best one for your needs. This guide will help you find the perfect camera for your home or office!

Best CCTV camera for home and office in Bangladesh.

The best CCTV camera for home and office in Bangladesh/India is the TDC-30. It has all the features you need to make your house or office safe, plus it comes with a long warranty that ensures you’re covered if anything happens.

If you want something less expensive but still high-quality, we recommend the iCam HD WiFi Camera (White). This camera can be mounted on walls or ceilings to give a better view of what goes on inside your house or business. It also records audio so that when an intruder enters your property, they’ll hear everything they were doing before they were caught!

Best night vision surveillance camera.

Night vision cameras can be used for a variety of applications.

  • Home security: The night vision cameras are designed to have a wide field of view, which allows you to watch your home at night. This is especially useful if there is someone who comes into your house while you’re not there or if there are intruders trying to break into the house. You will be able to see everything that happens inside your home in real time so that no one gets hurt and nothing gets stolen from inside your house!
  • Wildlife surveillance: When you want to keep an eye on animals like deer or bears on your property, then this type of surveillance camera would work great for all kinds of wildlife tracking needs including; bear cubs moving around during hunting season; coyotes running around during mating season; hawks flying over trees looking for prey across fields etcetera..

Best CCTV camera for indoor and outdoor use.

The best CCTV camera for indoor and outdoor use is the Netgear Arlo Pro 2. It’s durable, easy to set up and use, and comes with a two-year warranty. It also features night vision and motion detection features that let you know when someone is walking around your home or office at night.

The best CCTV camera for home and office use in 2022 is the Samsung SmartCam HD 1080P Wireless Video Doorbell Camera with Motion Detection Technology (White). This high definition security system takes advantage of cloud storage so that it can be monitored from anywhere on your mobile device or computer without needing an internet connection; however, if you prefer not having this feature available then there are other options available depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for!

Best Hikvision IP camera for home and office

Hikvision is a Chinese brand that has been manufacturing and selling CCTV cameras for years. It is one of the best brands in the world, with many top-of-the-line products to choose from. The company has a wide range of products and offers them at affordable prices.

Hikvision IP camera has good reputation due to its features such as high resolution, long range capability, night vision etc., which make it ideal for home use or even business purposes if you need professional surveillance system at your place or office premises.

Best Dahua IP Camera for home and office

Dahua IP camera is the best IP camera. It’s a good choice for home and office surveillance.

If you are looking for the best Dahua IP Camera, then we recommend you to buy our product from us. We have been selling this product since many years and we have a huge experience on this topic. Our team will help you choose the right CCTV Camera for your needs and provide all necessary information about it so that you can make an informed decision about which model should be purchased by yourself or someone else who wants to set up their own security system at home or workplace premises using one of these devices as well because they’re really easy to use once installed properly after following instructions carefully written down in user manuals provided along with each device. You can go to our website to find out more details about CCTV Camera and Products.

Best PTZ Camera with IR cut filter.

PTZ cameras are a type of camera that can pan, tilt and zoom. This feature is called Pan/Tilt/Zoom (P/T/Z).

PTZ cameras use infrared light to detect objects, so they need an IR cut filter to block the infrared light from entering its lens. The IR cut filter blocks only visible light and allows you to see what’s around your PTZ camera without being blinded by unwanted infrared energy.

Here are the best CCTV cameras that you can buy online.

Here are the best CCTV cameras that you can buy online.

  • Hikvision Brand CCTV Camera: This brand is well-known for providing excellent quality cameras at affordable prices. The company has been manufacturing and exporting high quality surveillance products since 1996, with its headquarters located in Shenzhen, China. They have a wide range of products such as HD wireless IP cameras, ultra HD wireless IP cameras, bullet cams and more. Their professional team of engineers works hard to ensure that every product they produce meets industry standards so customers get nothing less than what they expect from them when buying this brand’s products online today!
  • Dahua Brand CCTV Camera: This brand offers a wide range of models including indoor/outdoor dome cameras which are ideal for living spaces like homes or offices where there is limited space available on walls around room corners or inside closets etcetera; however most people prefer using these types because they offer better resolution compared with other brands’ models which tend not provide enough detail compared with how much detail can be seen from outside view point (ie street view).

We hope you’ve found a camera that meets your needs and budget. If you need help choosing the best CCTV camera for home or office in, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re here to help every step of the way.


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